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Select ED generic drugs to cut regular expenses

Date Added: January 05, 2010 09:04:02 PM
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In the times of global financial crisis, the chilly breathing of which has already affected not only large industrial corporations and financial institutions around the world, but also a huge number of individuals and families, today people, perhaps as never before, are seeking the opportunities to cut their expenses virtually in every aspect of their life. Drugs and medicines and treatment costs have been revised in many families. Luckily, the pharmaceutical market offers a few legal and authorized ways to reduce the cost of medications without compromising the effectiveness and safety of the treatment. One of them and perhaps the most essential one is the use of generic pharmaceuticals instead of brand name products. According to the U.S. Food and Drug administration, generic medication is a copy that is the same as a branded medicine in dose, safety, effectiveness, administration, quality, action on the human body and intended use. To put it differently, generic drugs are copies of branded pills which contain identical active ingredient and provide the same action in the human body. Taking into consideration approximately 150 million male patients around the world, who suffer from ED, the market of pharmaceuticals against this health problem is perceived as a vast field of opportunities for pharmaceutical manufacturers promising efficient treatment to them. Constantly increasing number of men with ED directly impacts upon the total cost of treatment which collects billions of dollars these days. Certainly, the development of generic pharmaceuticals that are commonly much cheaper than branded medications has improved the situation. The FDA-sanctioned generic medications for ED are not worse than brand name drugs, such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. The best part about ED generic medications is that because of lower prices, a wide range of males can afford them. Since they contain the same active ingredients as branded versions, they provide the same medical effects, the same potency and the same safety. Like branded medications, they relax muscles and enhance blood flow to the genitals. Consequently, a man can get and maintain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse. Anyway, whether to take generic versions of the brand name medications is a personal choice.
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