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4 Effective Essay Writing Tips

Date Added: May 20, 2009 01:43:34 PM
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When students enter the academe, they should expect that approximately 15-25% of the time would be spent writing academic papers– especially essays. The number could increase depending on the major that they will take up in college.

If it’s something like Literature, Creative Writing or Journalism, the percentage increases by say, about another 10%. At this rate, students cannot afford to be present mediocre papers. They need to master the art of essay writing lest they want to fail in their courses. Whereas there are no fool-proof formula on getting an A+ paper, there are certain strategies that students can adopt in order to compose a well-written and though provoking scholastic paper.

Here are some basic, but oft forgotten stylistic guidelines that students should keep in mind:

1. Focus on the main idea. Avoid digressing and straying way from the fundamental issue at the table. Do not include ideas that will not substantiate the arguments. By focusing on a main idea, you are strengthening your case and making the readers see the logic and soundness of your ideas.Mentioning immaterial topics can only confuse them.

2. Make transitions between paragraphs. One of the things that students neglect is the transition between the paragraphs of their essays. Presenting good ideas is not enough – it should be done in a cohesive and coherent manner as well.

3. Try not to repeat words close to each other. Repeating words too close together can give the impression that the student has a limited vocabulary. Because of this, try using the thesaurus, but make sure that you know the connotative meaning of words as well lest you use it incorrectly.

4. Write naturally. When it comes to academic writing, try not to be pretentious and sound erudite. Just write the way that you are comfortable with and everything will follow eventually. Keep in mind that when in doubt, simple is still best. If things can be done with the least complication, opt for that way.

 If students will do these tips, they can observe a vast improvement in the way that they write. Their papers will have a touch of scholarly work. Whereas these ideas are not exhaustive, students can use these guidelines to jump start their essay writing practice.


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