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Interesting Information About Cartoons

Date Added: March 23, 2010 06:33:02 PM
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The term cartoon has various senses subject to the context. Originally this term was applied for the indication of a picture drawn in special fashion. These cartoons were generally placed in newspapers and magazines at comic strips. Today the meaning of the term cartoon is different. It refers to the animated cartoon films. The art of animation is a technology of creating the illusion of movement using immovable objects. With the creation of motion pictures the popularity of animated cartoon films has grown because they became available to a wide audience. The birthday of animated cartoon films is considered to be August 30, 1877, when Emile Reynaud patented his innovation. It was a device called praxinoscope permitting to create a performance out of a tape with animated images. At that time not only animated cartoon films were silent, but all the video films as well. Amidst the most widespread cartoon characters of that period was Felix the Cat. The creation of cartoons films with the synchronized sound was a very important move in the development of animated cartoons industry. From this moment on the cartoons were basically targeted at children. The first animated cartoon with synchronized sound was produced by Walt Disney. The title of the cartoon was “Steamboat Willie”. The main personage of the film was Mickey Mouse who is among the most popular characters these days. The Walt Disney organization is still a top company in the animated cartoon film industry. They have won countless number of awards for their endowment to the development of animated cartoon films. Apart from the Disney there are a lot of cartoonists that have also taken a very important place in the history of animated cartoons. These are such famous video film production organizations as Warner Brothers, Walter Lantz and Hanna-Barbara. Animated cartoons are produced in the form of short-time motion pictures, full-length movies and serials. They may be shown both on television and in cinemas. What's more, you can purchase a DVD with your favorite animated cartoon films in the nearest video store. A wonderful thought is to download cartoon films from the Internet. Cartoon films are a reminder of the childhood and they always bring positive emotions both to the children and adults.
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