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html-to-pdf conversion: what software to deploy

Date Added: March 20, 2010 12:40:28 PM
Category: Food And Dining
Before we discover how to change html pages to pdf, let's get a better look at what the two abbreviations stand for. The PDF format – decoded as Portable Document Format – was designed for managing files. PDF files are smaller if compared to other similar files and can be protected with encryption and password software. Because of a variety of conversion software packages readily available today, any file can be converted to PDF hassle-free. Adobe Acrobat Reader available on the Internet free of charge is used for viewing pdf documents. HTML, which is shortened from Hyper Text Markup Language, is a paramount markup language for web documents. It is used to create structured files by determining structural semantics for the text, for example headings, paragraphs, lists etc, as well as for links, quotes and other items. It allows to embed images and objects and can be used to create interactive forms. HTML is mainly used to render web documents in browsers, such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla. The popularity of HTML can be attributed to the World Wide Web that comprises millions of web documents. Many users prefer to convert HTML files to PDF for archiving or emailing. It is important that all the fonts should be transferred correctly and the layout of the document should remain the same. To change html documents to pdf you need to download or install purpose-built software on your computer. You will have a number of software packages to pick out from. To spare your time, enquire if the software package you would like to buy has several essential features: full compatibility with Adobe's official format, ability to process any "printable" document, and installation of a PDF printer driver in your operating system. When seeking appropriate software which will enable you to convert html to pdf files, always check Internet resources thoroughly, as many suppliers offer free trial versions. Assure that you can contact the manufacturer, in case any queries arise or you need professional support in software installation or use. Discover if the chosen software has security updates, in case there are changes in the official pdf format.
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