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Interesting Information About Marlboro Cigarettes

Date Added: March 18, 2010 06:52:09 AM
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Smoking is the most common method of consuming tobacco known to the humankind since the earliest times. Tobacco industry has reached wide popularity and is prospering today because lots of people all over the world are addicted to smoking. The variety of cigarette types and tobacco sorts is so wide that this industry is considered to be amongst the most advanced all over the world. Marlboro is one of the most popular brands in the tobacco world. You will probably be amused to know that initially it was targeted at female smokers. This brand was created in England in 1847, but it hadn't got any popularity there. The attempt to launch Marlboro cigarettes on the market of the USA in 1920 was more successful, but the efforts to promote the commodity were interrupted by the Second World War when the Marlboro brand was taken off the market. Such an unavailing campaign hadn't discouraged the brand promoters. The cigarettes were introduced on the market in the fifties once again. It was the time of the concentration on health protection. In such situation Marlboro cigarettes have got the leading position on the cigarettes market, because they were filtered as distinct from cigarettes of other manufacturers. At this time the brand was also re-targeted at male smokers, and all these conditions have led to the increasing popularity of Marlboro. That is the moment when the history of Marlboro prosperity started. The Marlboro brand is associated with manliness since its advertisements are concentrated on images of brave heroes and cowboys. Marlboro cigarettes are also famous for harder taste than the cigarettes of the competing brands. Even light cigarettes are to a certain extent harder than similar products of other companies. It also contributes to the feeling of being courageous and strong when smoking. These are for the most part psychological parameters, but their influence on the choice of cigarettes of different people all over the world is impressive. One more advantage of Marlboro cigarettes is that the nicotine content in tobacco stays the same throughout the whole history of the company when at the same time in other corporations the content of the nicotine is increasing with time. What's also important, the price to Marlboro cigarettes is moderate. In fact, these cigarettes are the best price-quality correlation on contemporary tobacco marketplace.
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