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An in-depth analysis of erection as a process

Date Added: March 17, 2010 12:56:24 AM
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Many males around the world have suffered from or are suffering from sexual disorders. The widespread sexual problem is erectile dysfunction (ED) (differently called male impotence) defined as the inability of a man to achieve and sustain an erection sufficient for a reciprocally satisfactory sexual intercourse with his sexual partner. According to estimates, around thirty million males in the USA have ED. Sexual health and virility determine the quality of life. As men age, erectile dysfunction is getting increasingly more essential. Because this problem is widely talked about in the media, men of all ages are seeking aid and assistance to better their relationships and experience a satisfying sex life. An erection is a complex process. It engages the central nervous system (CNS), peripheral nervous system (PNS), psychological and stress-related factors, the overall health of the genital area as well as hormonal and blood vessel factors. At first, touch, smell and visual stimuli bring on pathways to the brain. Then the information travels from the brain to the nerve centers located at the bottom of the spine, where the principal nerve fibres connect to the penis and control the blood flow to the organ during and after the erection. Sexual arousal causes the release of chemicals from penile nerve endings causing muscle relaxation in the penis. The smooth penile muscle regulates the flow of blood into the organ. When the smooth muscle relaxes, the flow of blood significantly increases and the penis enlarges and becomes firm, bringing on an erection. Erectile dysfunction is treatable. The root cause of ED and your life-style determine the treatment you and your medical practitioner will select. Sexual dysfunction is frequently associated with health problems, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiac disorders, nervous system disorders, and depression. Erectile dysfunction may also be an adverse side effect of drugs. In some men, sexual dysfunction may be the symptom of a serious disease. Advancement in medicine has helped increase the number of methods to cure male erectile dysfunction efficiently. One of the most effective methods is drugs. Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are sanctioned by the U.S. FDA.
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