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What You Need To Know About GSM Antennas

Date Added: March 11, 2010 01:33:01 PM
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Antenna (or aerial) represents a transducer for receiving or transmitting electromagnetic waves. GSM antennas are produced in 2 types: directional and omnidirectional antennas, and are designated to be used in places where the connection with the mobile operator cannot be established. The use of high gain GSM antennas permits to improve the quality of communication and the speed of data transmission in GPRS and EDGE modes. In addition to better performance and the opportunity to use the mobile communication out of the covering, cell phone antennas are famous to decrease the backward radiation to the user's head. It is very important, as the specific absorption rates, or SAR, are brought down to the minimum and the antenna's performance is increased. So, the usage of cell antennas ensures high level of performance and health protection. The designation of cellular antennas is to convert electrical power between a circuit and the air, so the effectiveness of the device depends on its input and radiation parameters. Choosing an antenna is an important step, so we recommend to talk to professionals. Experts of the company where you are planning to buy the antenna will help you to make the right choice. But note some important factors while choosing a GSM antenna: - Power is supplied to the antenna without being reflected back to the circuit. It implies that the feeding point should supply the power, but not take it back; - The power transferred to the antenna is transformed into radio waves; - In case there are any problems with the impedance, power shouldn't be supplied to the antenna; - Do not forget that in case the antenna is made of high-loss materials, like dielectrics and conductors, the supplied power will be lost due to transformation into the heat. As far as you understand, high gain GSM antennas are a wonderful choice if you need a stable connection and high speed of data interchange. Besides, the use of cellular antennas reduces the rate of electromagnetic wave power absorption and in such a way tells positively upon your health.
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