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Why are on-line pharmacies so popular?

Date Added: March 10, 2010 11:14:41 PM
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On-line pharmacies are increasing in popularity with every coming year. The point is that at present you might need one medicine {for instance - without prescription) and tomorrow – be in need of another one. Why waste time on going to your local pharmacy over and over again to purchase new medications or replenish the supply of the old ones? If you purchase low-cost drugs online, you also protect your privacy and save a good deal of time on unnecessary visits to your provider who may appear to be unwilling to prescribe you the medication you need. Also, you get the chance to save much money, because the prices quoted by on-line drugstores are ordinarily considerably lower than those in your local pharmacy. You can place the order for the medications you need without leaving your place in front of the PC and get them shipped straight to your door. Especially the elderly and those who live in remote places can benefit from the on-line service. Some drugstores ship products free of charge. Online drugstores offer both branded and generic drugs. Because generic drugs cost less than their branded versions, they are particularly popular with customers. Manufacturers of generics avoid the following 3 costs that branded pharmaceutical manufacturers incur: (1) research and development costs; (2) costs associated with obtaining regulatory approval (i.e. Proving safety and efficacy of a medication); and (3) marketing costs. As a result, you pay considerably less than for the brand name medications and get the same medical effect, as generic drugs contain bioequivalent active ingredients as the original medicine (inactive ingredients may vary), are identical in efficacy, dosage form and mode of administration. On-line drugstores provide 24/7/365 customer support. It means that if you have any queries, customer support team is always there for you. You can contact the drugstore by telephone, an e-mail and live support. Reliable online pharmacies employ fully licenced, well-qualified pharmacists that are ready and willing to help every client.
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