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Christian Treatment

Date Added: March 09, 2010 06:32:05 AM
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The disease of substance abuse addiction is complex in nature. It affects the body, the mind, the emotions, relationships and the spirit of those afflicted. Likewise, effective treatment for this complex addiction mandates a comprehensive approach that addresses the various components of the human makeup. Most professionals in the field recognize that, at its core, substance abuse is a spiritual condition. For seventy-five years, Alcoholic’s Anonymous, the most effective program for recovery from alcoholism bases the powerful 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous on the need to surrender one’s limited power to a Higher Power who can do for the alcoholic that which he cannot do for himself. While most treatment rehabilitation centers base their program on the 12 Steps of AA, many now offer a Christian treatment option that parallels the 12 Step spirituality with a biblically-based application of the principles of recovery. A quality Christian treatment program will typically offer the support of a chaplain or a Christian recovery pastor in addition to the support of a case manager, a psychologist, a psychiatrist and often other medical staff. The primary treatment objective in early primary care is to help the patient progress to the point where they have an understanding and a beginning working knowledge of the key principles that lead to recovery. The goal of a quality Christian treatment program is not to teach doctrine per se but to remove obstacles that have impaired faith, encouraging the patient to begin a personal relationship with a grace-based God. Pacific Hills Treatment Centers, Inc. is a premier Christian treatment rehabilitation facility, offering both the traditional spirituality track based on the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and a Christ-centered program for those who embrace the scriptures and Christ as their Higher Power. For further information, please call 1-800-662-2873 or visit the Pachills Website. For more information on Christian Treatment visit Pacific Hills Treatment Centers
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