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Christian Drug and Alcohol

Date Added: March 06, 2010 04:30:36 AM
Category: Health And Medicine
Recovery from drug and alcohol abuse entails more than physical and emotional rehabilitation. A life of sobriety requires physical, emotional, social and spiritual rehabilitation. A complete transformation of every aspect of the individual is required. Substance abuse is, at its core, a “soul sickness”. Because the illness erodes the spiritual life, spiritual healing is required. For many, Christian Drug and Alcohol treatment provides that pathway to recovery. Treatment for this complex disease requires a comprehensive program that addresses every aspect of the human condition. At a Christian Drug and Alcohol program such as Pacific Hills Treatment Centers, a variety of treatment options are offered. Residential in-patient programs include group process therapies, individual counseling, family counseling sessions, lectures, relapse prevention workshops, and physical exercise sessions. Each client has a designated case manager, who assists in creating and supervising a program that is specified for each individual client. After undergoing a primary treatment program, clients may also opt to enroll in transitional care programs that provide clients with half-day courses to help them continue the Christian Drug and Alcohol recovery process. All options at Pacific Hills include a proven Christian Drug and Alcohol protocol and curriculum, developed over their thirteen years of existence. For further information, please call 1-800-662-2873 or visit the Pachills Website. For more information on Christian Drug and Alcohol visit Pacific Hills Treatment Centers
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