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Tips to cut down on prescription costs

Date Added: March 02, 2010 11:38:14 PM
Category: Food And Dining
Prescriptions can be expensive commodities. When you do not have insurance or are on a tight budget, it becomes increasingly important for you to compare the prices of different sources for your prescription medications to find the best deal. If you have your prescription handy and know exactly which dosage you need, you can actively seek the right price for your medication. But before comparing prices for prescriptions, it is advisable to learn a few tips. - Alter the prescription medication. Ask your medical practitioner if there are alternative medications available when the one that was prescribed earlier is not covered on your insurance or has an extremely high co-payment on your insurance. At times the medical practitioner may be able to prescribe a different brand of medicine that has the same key ingredient. - Accept the generic brand of your prescription medication if there is one available at your drugstore. Ordinarily, this does not need a change from the physician on the prescription. The pharmacist can give you the generic version of the medicine if it is available. Purchasing generic prescriptions can save you a good deal of cash on your prescription costs each year. - Check out on-line prescription-comparison tools. Comparing the price for prescriptions is relatively easy with these online services. You can compare prescription drugs and medicines from a range of pharmacies. - Estimate shipping rates. Although you can find inexpensive prescription drugs online, the total price for the prescription drug can be high. For instance, some companies offer "free delivery," while others require a flat fee of $10. This might offset your savings, depending on the prescription price. - Consider the cost per pill. When comparing prices for prescriptions on-line, you should compare the cost per pill. For example, for the medication Lipitor, you'll find that the cost per pill could be nearly double, depending upon which drugstore you choose. To compare prices for prescriptions, please visit
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