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Facts And Myths About Losing Weight

Date Added: February 28, 2010 05:08:34 PM
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According to statistics approximately 80 % of people throughout the world have made an attempt to keep to a diet at least once in their lives. If you consider that your body is far from perfect, or that you have a number of excess kilos than you should realize how difficult is to lose weight and how fast all the lost kilogrammes are back after you return to your normal dietary habits. Rigorous diets, constant exercises bring a small effect but only for the period you follow them. After you finish your efforts you gain the weight together with additional kilos. So is there the way out? Do you have to make constant hunger and exhausting training your life style? Let's see if there is a solution. Unfortunately there are many myths about stoutness and weight loss that can bewilder people trying to become slim. Below are just a number of the most widespread of them: 1) Eat less to lose extra weight. Take into account that it's significant not to eat a little, but to use nourishing food. After a period of malnutrition your adipose cells start fast propagation in order to have a certain "reserve" in case of future starvation. 2) Diuretics help to reduce extra weight. It's true to a certain extent because diuretics remove liquid from the organism, so that you can lose a number of “liquid” kilos. But you'll gain them back soon. Laxatives cannot delete adipose cells, as they aren't located in stomach. 3) Don't eat after 6 p.m. Calories don't know what time it is. This myth has appeared because people that like to eat late at night usually suffer from overeating. It's just a small part of all the myths applying to weight loss techniques. Listen to what your organism tells you. It'll be the best adviser. Remember that if you would like to lose extra weight forever you can't lose it fast. If you have lost 5 kilos during a week, be sure that you'll gain seven during the next one. Be patient and do not lose hope. Note even small changes in your shape and in figures on the scales. It is a great occasion to be happy, as these changes signify that you're on your way to an ideal body. It is also very important to take care of your body and to feel affection to yourself no matter that you don't look like your dream. Believe in yourself. Good luck!
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