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Date Added: February 27, 2010 01:38:55 PM
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Radiant heating method is getting more and more popular nowadays. It is a method of heating a room by heating some of its surfaces such as walls or a floor. The previous method of warming was equipped with radiators that were situated in the corners of the room. But the problem with this technique was that to heat up the whole room they used to get very hot, and if a person touched them accidentally he could get burned. One more disadvantage of this means was that they warmed the room non-uniformly, mostly the space around them while at the same time in the opposite corner of the room it was much colder. The up-to-date method of radiant heating is utterly different due to utilizing broad surfaces. The mechanism of technique is founded on thermal radiation and is similar to the previous procedures. Temperature and heating radiation are peculiar to any object. The ability of objects to absorb heat from contiguous structures allows to use radiant floor heating to warm your feet, for example. One more system of heating is often called forced air technique. Its role is to blow heated air into the rooms of the house. The minus of this technique is that forced air warms small parts of different origin: mold, dust and others, so this system can not be used in the houses where people with allergies live. Besides, hot air has only local action, it doesn't warm the room. As to radiant heating method, it's constructed to let the heat rise uniformly from the floor, in this way, the room is heated evenly and is able to support the temperature during longer period of time. The radiant heating technique is highly efficient in large houses. Forced air system works for small houses, but remember about allergy problems. Make sure your house is well-insulated, so the heat will not be lost through windows chinks or ceiling. There are three types of radiant heating: electric system based on electric coils, air system founded on the application of hot air under the floor, and hydronics based on the application of hot water under the floor. Warming tools are numerous and it's up to you to take a decision which one suits your best. But as the practical experience shows the most effective way to warm a house is radiant heating.
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