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Interesting Facts About American Roulette

Date Added: February 26, 2010 01:39:20 AM
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Scientific progress has changed our lifestyles to an unbelievable extent. It has touched all the sectors of our lives – from what we eat to the way we spend our free time. The development of web technologies has brought a change even in gambling. On-line games of hazard are gaining popularity today, and roulette is the most favorite of them. Playing on-line roulette is absolutely different from traditional casino games, but you'll have a sensation of the same excitement like if you were in front of a roulette table in casino. All you need to do to begin with playing on-line roulette games is to download proper software from the Internet. The primary principles of a traditional roulette game of hazard are the following. The roulette wheel is a wheel with thirty seven or thirty eight slots, numbered from 1 to 36 and zero. American roulette wheels have an extra number - a double zero as well. Odd numbers are colored in red, even numbers are black when 0 and 00 are usually colored in greed. Players gamble by putting chips on particular numbers or groups of numbers like red or black color or numbers from one to eighteen or from nineteen to thirty six. You may bet until the dealer throws the white ball and announces that bets are no more allowed. When the ball stops the winning number is marked. New stakes are allowed to be made only when this marker is removed. If you win you may take your money or continue playing. The most popular on-line roulette types are represented by American and European roulettes. The American roulette wheel has thirty six numbers (a double zero included), that is the reason why players as a rule choose to play European roulette since the winning chances are slightly higher. The distinguishing feature of American type roulette is an additional number, 00, as it has been mentioned above. The players' chips differ in colors so there are no problems with identification of stakes. Another particular characteristic of roulette games in America is that croupiers take chips that lost with their hands. European roulette (or French roulette, as it's commonly called) does not have a number 00, and the total number of slots on a roulette wheel is thirty seven. The colors of the players' chips are the same, so you have to be alert when making stakes. Unlike American roulette European dealers take the losing chips with a special instrument. Good news here is that it is up to you to decide how to gamble. You may play black or red, even or odd, or even stop your choice on a few numbers. Basically, it is only a game. Have fun!
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