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Outdoor Furniture - Interesting Facts

Date Added: February 26, 2010 01:10:56 AM
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The appearance of a town or a city depends to a great extent on such architectonical landscape element as street furniture. Outdoor constructions like benches and litter bins are situated throughout built-up area and are used not just for practical destination but for city beautification as well. So what requirements should outdoor furniture equipment correspond to in order to be reliable in application and nice to look at? 1) The first criterion is affordability. The fundamental function of city furniture is offering necessary urban facilities for citizenry. City decoration takes the second position. That is why nobody prefers to pay more for nice-looking furniture if they can get efficient reliable equipment with less expense. Economy is an important criterion, but nevertheless it's not the only one. 2) Safety is also one of fundamental requirements of street furniture equipment that should be thoroughly thought over at the designing stage. It deals in the first turn with the constructions for playgrounds for kids. The designers should deliberate the height of construction elements, the shape of the structures, sanitary conditions, surface texture and so forth. Similar precautionary measures should be taken in relation to other objects of outdoor furniture. 3) Functionality and durability of street furniture should also be taken into consideration while planning outdoor facilities. Overall dimensions of the object, its construction and materials used for its production should be thought over prior to the start of production. It is essential to protect city furniture structures from the acts of vandalism, then it'll serve for a long period of time. 4) And at last we should mention such criterion as universality. Outdoor furniture is a public ownership so it should be produced in such a way that every citizen could use it. So these are the basic criteria that should be taken into account by urban furniture producers to supply high-grade and reliable equipment for urban decor. The materials that are frequently used for outdoor furniture equipment are steel, wood, concrete, stone. There is also so-called compound furniture equipment that is made of two or more types of materials. In opinion of specialists, such furniture represents the best variant of city equipment since it corresponds to all the mentioned criteria.
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