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Sea Freight Forwarding Services

Date Added: February 26, 2010 12:33:41 AM
Category: Education Training And Employment
Sea cargo forwarding is generally known to be an economically sound form of transporting freight including bulk export cargo and personal possessions. The present economic situation in the world and mostly in Europe requires further exploration of new sales markets. The recently appeared markets of Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Russia, Poland and the Baltic states are full of expectations, and we feel responsible for forwarding goods, raw materials and resources to these territories. What are the potential routes to transport the cargo from China, India, Israel, the Arab World? Novorossijsk, St. Petersburg, Riga, Konstantsa and German ports are an alternative. Still, they have some disadvantages, which makes clients lure away to another route. So, why do flourishing enterprises prefer the port of Odessa to other ports? 1. It has got an advantageous geographical position, and there is a developed European type forwarding infrastructure on the territory of Ukraine, Russia… 2. The sea port of Odessa has been updated and upgraded. Highly advanced cranes re-ship up to 600 of cargo transportation units (CTU) within a day. 3. The cargo from India or China will reach the destination in thirty days, while the cargo destined for Israel and Arab territories will arrive in a week after the dispatch! 4. Highly-qualified specialists will provide prompt customs clearance. 5. Your cargo will be taken care of by the customs service. We will assure secure transportation of your freight in accordance with the terms and conditions of the agreement. We - Zenal Ltd., the leading cargo haulier operating via the port of Odessa – have been providing all kinds of cargo transportation services for 15 years, and have proved to be a dependable intermodel and haulage services hauler. Zenal Ltd. Transports and forwards all types of cargo, such as vehicles, fluids, dangerous freight, oversized cargo etc. We guarantee that your cargo will be transported from and to the specified place at a quick rate without delays connected with transshipment. The haulier also renders just-in-time services to large enterprises and provides freight and liability insurance. Should you have any questions related to the transportation services rendered by our company, please visit our site.
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