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A PDF Splitting package eases office work

Date Added: February 07, 2010 11:35:32 PM
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We live in the high-tech world. Because of the recent technological advances in the IT field, office work is no longer the same as it used to be a few years ago, with piles of paper files everywhere around the office. Paper files, no doubt, adversely impacted upon the effectiveness of a business and it took office staff a great deal of time and effort to handle them. Nowadays the days of paper-cluttered offices are gone. There are no more 'in' and 'out' boxes filled with paper files. Everything is now computerized and stored in the form of a databank. No wonder that advanced software tools are developed daily to ease the office work. These updated packages do not only do work faster, but also a lot simpler. Most documents are kept in the PDF format, as it has plenty of advantages over others. PDF documents are of a smaller size and can be protected with encryption and password tools. The PDF application is a compatible format. As a result, a user can send and get data from co-workers expeditiously. PDF files can vary from a single-page file to more composite files, such as brochures, data sheets, white papers and technical manuals, some containing hundreds of pages, which makes them hard to manage. At some point, you may wish to print or e-mail several pages from a PDF document or to extract several pages into a new PDF document leaving the master unaltered. A solution is to deploy a PDF splitter software package. This kind of software is user-friendly. It allows you to opt for your master (input) PDF document and apply a splitting pattern in order to receive the output file(s). Some advanced packages contain a customized splitting pattern, having a lot in common with Word printing pattern. For example: 1,2,3; 1-5,3; 4-5. The result is three output documents. The first one will contain pages one, two and three. The second PDF file will include pages 1-5 and page 3. The last one will include only pages four and five. The process of splitting PDF files takes several mouse clicks and does not require specialist knowledge. A step-by-step instruction is provided by manufacturers.
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