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Get To Know More About Original Cuban and Bolivar Cigars

Date Added: February 06, 2010 04:35:45 PM
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Cuban cigars are well known throughout the world. Even people from distant lands have an idea about the high quality of the cigars. Cuban cigars are rolled from tobacco, and their manufacture is controlled by the government of Cuba. According to various cigar experts from all over the world cigar manufacturers from Cuba are considered to be the most professional on the globe. You have probably heard of such popular brands like Montecristos or Coronas Especiales. The last one is considered to be the favorite brand of Fidel Castro. Besides these two cigar manufacturers there are lots of other sorts of the same quality. A big disappointment for every cigar-lover in the USA was a trade embargo imposed by President Kennedy in 1962. The ban to import Cuban products, including cigars, to the country is in force today as well. In fact, there's an opportunity to bring up to 2 boxes for personal use from another country and from licensed trips to Cuba as well. In spite of all the difficulties, there are a lot of offers for Cuban cigars in the United States. Still, you have to be very attentive, since there's an opinion among specialists that around 95 per cent of so-called "Cuban" cigars sold throughout the country are forged. What's more, a lot of Cuban refugees living in the USA produce cigars and call them “Cuban” using the argument that they are made by Cubans. As far as you understand, these cigars aren't original ones, so their quality leaves much to be desired. In the majority of situations you'll be able to discover an imitation, because non-original Cuban cigars are of low quality and they do not look like original ones. But still, in the recent time there has been an increase in manufacture of Cuban cigar fakes that are not so easy to find out. As a matter of fact, the only way to buy original Cuban cigars of the best quality is to find a reliable dealer. Online Cuban cigars stores have gained high popularity at the present time. There you can buy original Cuban cigar products from various producers. So as to make certain that the on-line store you're planning to buy cigars from is reliable, do some Google search and ask people you trust.
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