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Date Added: February 03, 2010 11:07:55 AM
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A well-known motto of the Saab corporation “Born from jets” reflects in a way the history of the creation of the first Saab automobile. It was produced by sixteen airplane design engineers and so was based on the design of an aircraft. The meaning of a motto is that the high quality and safety of Saab cars may be equalized with the quality and reliability of aeroplanes. Today Saab vehicles manufacture is a prerogative of GM company, but Saab aircraft subdivision is still governed by the Swedes. So let's take an excursion into the history of Saab company. The brand Saab made its appearance in 1937 with the production of aircrafts for the Swedish Air Force. From this point on it has concentrated on construction of military jets, including fighter aeroplanes for NATO. Due to their high quality Saab jets were recognized all over the world. Since 1949 Saab specialists have been involved in the production of well-engineered cars. The peculiar feature of Saab cars consists in the special aerodynamic design that in of great help in fuel economy. This distinctive feature is observed in every Saab model. Safety is one of main priorities of Saab vehicles. The experts of this company use all the latest technological advances to make their cars safe and contemporary. Such innovations include: self-repairing bumpers, self-cleaning headlights, turbo charged engines, air filters and so forth. In 1980s owing to the growth of global economy and the spread of multinational corporations the Saab corporation was confronted with difficulties in keeping its position on the market. This led to the separation of the Saab car division and its selling to several investors. The principal investor has become GM corporation that has 50 per cents of the business. The line of Saab models has lately been supplemented with the first sport utility vehicle. All the other models get regular updates according to the market requirements. But still, there are arguments about increasing impact of General Motors. Numerous discussions are led with respect to the ability of Saab to keep its uniqueness and to compete with such famous European brands as Volvo, BMW and Mercedes. Despite all these facts the amateurs of Saab cars hope that its aeroplane heritage will help them to design unique and reliable cars.
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