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About Us

Welcome to Symbion Links Directory directory is a human edited general web directory, and a quality one. can help your site to gain higher search engine results.

Why did we choose to call the directory Symbion you might ask? Symbionic, in biology, is the term for the interdependence of different species. Web sites are categorized in many types, and created with different scripts and languages, so we could see them as being part of "different species".

Web directories gather the different web site species so that they can serve the results to the Search Engines.

Because here are three main types of symbiosis, based on the specific relationship between the species involved, and these are: parasitism, mutualism, and commensalism - we would like to explain how these three types of symbiosis are related to our Symbion links directory.

When we started the promotion of our links directory it was decided to accept the web sites without the need of a link back to us. This way we gave quality sites the possibility to use the Symbion directory parasitically. While this was not of any harm to us, the benefits for these web sites are really something.

With the next stage we started the mutualism. The workings of mutualism are in the benefit of both species, so each site wishing to be linked from will have to link to us first. If you choose this option to submit your website's URL - be aware that we do not accept links back on pages with more than 25 links, and decline the submissions of sites having 100's of links on these "link back" pages. And since we provide quality - we demand quality.

The last stage - the commensalism is described on Webster's dictionary as the act of eating together; table fellowship.We no longer provide free listings, or back linking to directory. There are the possibilities to pay for a year long featured or regular listing, and the Featured sites are often visible on the home page of directory. And for the sites wishing to be promoted on the home page and every page of our site, there is the Sponsor and Partner option with a monthly, or a 6 month's, or the yearly payment. Contact us about these advertising options.

Thank you for your visit and consideration

Please, be AWARE that when you submit your site to our directory - you NEED to confirm the email you used with your submission. Failure to do so will result in your site Not displaying even though we have approved it.

Sites that were declined because of not following our guidelines but are still submitted will be blacklisted - so be aware, and stop with the automated submissions to our directories. Thank you.